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ICON+ is Singapore’s leading test preparation and university admissions specialist. Since 1999, ICON+ has helped over 25,000 students in Singapore achieve high scores in university entrance exams such as the GMAT, GRE, TOEFL and IELTS, and enter prestigious universities in Singapore and abroad. Today, ICON+’s professional services can be found in China, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

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eGuru is a treasure cove of study materials that are designed with only one objective in mind – to help you achieve the highest possible score on the GMAT, SAT, IELTS and TOEFL without necessarily spending a huge amount of money. This interactive e-learning tool is designed to address all aspects of the GMAT, SAT, IELTS and TOEFL.

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Student Assist - AIG

As you embark on this journey into a whole new world of opportunity and experience, have you ensured that you and your education investment will be well protected when you are all alone in a foreign land?

Student Assist designed specially to provide you 24/7 insurance protection worldwide – whether in school, back to your home country or touring the world during break. If you’re the active sort, you will be pleased as ALL amateur leisure sports and activities are covered. Yes! Bungee jumping, mountaineering, all summer & winter sports, go ahead, have the most enriching experience with complete peace of mind!

Benefits includes:

  • Study Interruption reimbursement
  • Sponsor Protection
  • Accident Medical Expense
  • 2-way Compassionate Visit
  • Accidental Death and Disablement
  • Unlimited Medical Evacuation
  • Lost Luggage and Personal Effects (includes laptop)
  • Personal Liability Abroad

CONTACT Our Authorised Agent, Info-Link Insurance Agency:

Attn: Jonathan/Esther

Tel: 62999612
Fax: 62911958

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